Hays and Travis Counties, Texas


– Reduced from $9,240,000

385+/- Acres


There is a property in the Hill Country where the bedded limestone strata and the historic layers of time come together to create a place like no other. Only 15 minutes from downtown Austin, Yates Cattle and Conservation Ranch’s name says it all: a marriage of rich Texas ranching heritage with an array of unique natural resources in a protected, quiet world all its own. Saltlick is just minutes away, and the amazing restaurants of Austin are a mere short ride away down MoPac Boulevard, immersing you in the culture of music, food, art, nature, and outdoor recreation that makes Austin one of the most popular cities in the U.S.

Here, nature balances with activity, livestock with big city lights, and people with solitude. The ranch is centrally-located just southwest of downtown Austin on Bear Creek, fronting on northbound side of Highway 45 where it turns into South MoPac. Nestled into this amazing natural setting is a ranch where cattle, deer, neo-tropical songbirds, bats, turkey, people exist together in a balanced ecosystem for nature and man. Enter the ranch and enjoy the tranquility of nature at its best with immediate access to all the amenities of Austin. Location and beauty makes this ranch exceptional.


Just after World War II Polly Covert bought the 4,600 ac Circle C Ranch deep in the Hill Country southwest of Austin after receiving Governor Stevenson blessing on the purchase, and today the last remaining part of that amazing Hill County Ranch owned by her son is being offered for sale. The remaining family ranch is 385 acres being part of the old South Windmill Pasture and the Bear Creek Pasture, the historic ranch’s most mysterious and natural area.

The City of Austin has a Conservation Easement on the entire ranch, which was carefully negotiated by the current owner, that allows the ranch to be divided into two properties with two development compounds. Water and wastewater lines were buried and grandfathered, as was an approved, complete road network both caliche and paved, which provides access all over the ranch. Once again, there is a balance between development, nature, and livestock. The ranch has an active agricultural exemption.

There is a sense of privacy here, unmatched in the Texas Hill County this close to Austin. The ranch is bordered with City of Austin Water Quality Protection Lands (or Wildlands) that is a mix of fee and conservation easements that encompasses several thousand acres. These lands provide a protected viewshed which, in a number of places on the ranch, offers vistas of green trees, grass, and rolling hills to the horizon.


While best known for the beautiful and historic hill country, the Edwards Plateau Region includes a wide range of plants and animal communities, making it one of the most biologically-diverse in the nation. Herbaceous plants, shrubs, and hardwood trees create a mosaic of dense and open vegetation. The ranch is a wide plateau falling southeast to Bear Creek, with topography ranging from 800 feet to 950 feet. The grasslands, Oak Juniper woodlands, Cedar Elm deep bottoms are home to an amazing diversity of wildlife, both game and non-game species. Neotropical songbirds live in harmony with livestock and this park like property is a natural laboratory where one can wonder and get lost in the amazing array of plants and animals that call this place home.


The improvements include two unique dwellings. The “Pod”, (www.thefuturohouse.com) an elevated fiberglass building resembling a 1960’s flying saucer, and the “Dome”, a small modular surface-mounted home with a large deck overlooking the scenery of the City Wildlands to the south. There is a nice metal barn with concrete floors and paved access which houses an automotive lift, Tesla charging station, tools, and other equipment and is located near the Dome.

Additional improvements include:

  • Three portable storage buildings
  • Several strategically located cattle troughs
  • Centrally located cattle trap and pens
  • Automatic gates along paved roads

There are some outstanding building sites on the property and the existing improvements, utilities, and roads can be incorporated into site plan for development that would rival any in Austin and surrounding areas.


The ranch has one water well (a second is permitted by the Conservation Easement) that serves the existing improvements as well as livestock and wildlife troughs. Water and wastewater pipelines are in place on the ranch and are available for immediate use for additional improvements.

There is also the allure of both sides of Bear Creek, adjacent to City Conservation Lands where the current owner has enjoyed swimming for more than 50 years. A beautiful road cuts its way through wooded slopes and opens into a wide meadow, perfect for recreation down on the creek.