Presidio County, Texas


1,500+/- Acres


South Alamito Ranch is the perfect Presidio County ranch located on both sides of State Highway 169, (Casa Piedra Road) just 25 minutes south of Marfa, in Far West Texas. This paved road ends just a few miles south of the ranch after it crosses beautiful Alamito Creek where it continues as a gravel public road for 50 miles, down to the River Road near Presidio and into Big Bend Ranch State Park.  This two-lane ribbon of remote highway adjoins the ranch for several miles and bisects one of the most scenic large ranch neighborhoods in the region, ending at Plata, a historic abandoned farming community which raised vegetables for Shafter Mine in the early part of the 20th Century.


1,500 Acres


South Alamito Ranch is very accessible and is located in the transition zone between the Marfa Grasslands and the lower Chihuahuan Desert.  The ranch has excellent topography, created by numerous draws that flow into nearby Alamito Creek, carving high hills with excellent views of area mountains, deep protected canyons, and draws.  There are breathtaking vistas of the Davis, Chinati, San Jacinto, French, and Cienega Mountains, as well as views all the way into Mexico to the Sierra Ricas. Native grasses and mixed shrubs provide excellent habitat for wildlife and forage for livestock.  There are incredible building sites with views of the gallery Cottonwood forest which strings out for miles along the banks of Alamito Creek, providing a stunning western landscape.  The ranch actually owns part of Alamito Creek south of the bridge.  The Alamito Creek Preserve, owned and operated by the Dixon Water Foundation, is just next door, providing opportunities for birding and hiking along its 2 ½ miles of Cottonwood-lined Alamito Creek. The buyer of this ranch will have limited access to the Preserve.

The ranch is subject to a Conservation Easement with the Texas Agricultural Land Trust that focuses on restricting subdivision while allowing compatible uses like recreation, hunting, planned grazing, and limited development.


South Alamito Ranch is located within the Alamito Creek watershed in Presidio County, which originates in the Davis Mountains to the north and joins into Cienega Creek to the southwest, eventually meeting the Rio Grande River near Presidio, Texas.  The large drainage, or valley, has tremendous surface and groundwater resources, providing a corridor of habitat for migrating animals.  Sideoats grama, cane bluestem, tabosa, blue grama and giant sacaton are typical grasses found on the ranch as well as brush and woody species like mesquite, creosote, agarita, sumac, desert willow, white brush, and four-wing saltbush. This ranch is across the highway from Alamito Creek Preserve and a limited deeded access will be provided to the new owner, allowing hiking, birding, and recreation along this amazing Cottonwood gallery forest wonderland with live water.


Big mule deer, Javelina, Blue Quail, and dove populations are tremendous and the wooded creek drainages make for an excellent hunting ranch.  For bird-watching interests, there are many of the migrating species during the fall and spring seasons. Winter nesting is abundant for northern species.   Native brush and grasses provide excellent habitat for these game species and many native birds and other non-game animals.


Alamito Creek watershed has very shallow and abundant groundwater resources.  The windmill well located on the property provides high-quality water and storage could be expanded and distributed further to enhance wildlife populations.  The ranch fronts both sides of Alamito Creek just south of the bridge where water can be found year-round most years. There is a dirt tank located at the windmill that holds water from overflow from the well and several other dirt tanks east of the highway.