Brewster and Pecos Counties, Texas


25,667+/- Acres


Red Mill Ranch fronts on county-maintained Longfellow Road 10 miles east of Highway 385 between Fort Stockton and Marathon, and is also accessible from Highway 90. You drive through the Piñon Pine covered mountains on both sides of the Longfellow Road through the famous Allison Ranch breaking out into the towering limestones hills with huge wide valley expanses. This is a working ranch located within a sprawling high Chihuahuan grassland landscape with limestone outcrop hills and broad valleys. Located at the eastern edge of the Trans-Pecos this property is easily accessed from Austin, San Antonio and other major cities of Texas.


Red Mill Ranch is Texas cow country at its finest and represents some of the best native and improved grasslands in West Texas. With 8 Section size improved Klein grass fields surrounded with native vegetation encircled by majestic hills and rock outcrops this 300 cow ranch is ready to go. The ranch is in the limestone hills of Pecos County just east of the Pine Hills with an average of 13” of rainfall annually. This is summer monsoon country with mild winters and wet summers that is perfect for growing and curing the rich grasslands.

The topography of the ranch ranges from 5,020 feet at the top of steep limestone mountains to 3,805 feet along the broad Klein fields. Stunning views of mountain on all sides within the property to distant vistas of the main Glass Mountains are nothing short of breathtaking.

The range improvements done over the past 15 years are extraordinary. There has been over 8,000 acres spiked with herbicide to control woody species and over 5,500 acres of mechanical brush removal with re-seeding. Beautiful clean fields of improved Klein grasses and rolling hills of native vegetation throughout the ranch create open valleys and cleared grasslands surrounded by rolling hills. New 3 inch poly pipe waterlines and valves distribute water over the entire ranch to elevated storage then on to over 50 water troughs designed for wildlife and livestock use. The road system is extensive with huge caliche main road arteries and smaller maintained roads creating access to the entire ranch. Fencing is basically new or at least improved all over the ranch and a new set of pipe pens makes working, and processing cattle a breeze. There is an old house, with electricity and water that would be a great site for a new headquarters.


The landscape is wide-open rolling grassland, interspersed with hills and mountains surrounded by rugged limestone outcrop mountain ranges which can be seen from anywhere on the ranch. Classic “Cattle Country” of the Old West, the region has maintained much of the environment and appearance of times past. This ranch lies at an elevation that supports a mix of vegetation from the mid-high Chihuahuan Desert such as century plants, Spanish dagger, yucca and cholla with a dominant grassland of taboso, blue gamma, sideoats gramma, cane bluesteam. Areas of brush and trees like Piñon Pine, Juniper, Mesquite, and Hackberry are also present. Endless valleys, mesas, hills, flats, and mountains with creeks and drainages create a variety of habitats.


This is Chihuahuan Desert grassland at its very best. The grasses, forbs and brush provide excellent habitat for game and non-game animals and birds. Excellent herds of Mule deer and Elk are the main game animals on Red Mill Ranch with coyotes, javelina, and bobcats all being present. Blue (scaled) quail and mourning dove are the game birds which with recent rains have exploded in numbers. Raptors include golden eagles and wide variety of hawks. Neotropical migratory birds such as orioles, hummingbirds, warblers, flycatchers, and many others make for a wonderful birding experience. The distribution of year-round water over virtually all the ranch has resulted in growing populations of wildlife.

Improvements and Water

The ranch has tremendous infrastructure from maintained roads, fences, waters, and working cattle pens. The roads are amazing, you can drive for hours and not have to open a single gate. There are no operating oil and gas wells. Large water tanks are strategically located around the ranch and a new water system with 3 inch poly pipe and over 50 troughs creates a day one advantage and convenience for the new owner. Drought insurance over the past 10 years has provided significant ranch income.


Seller will retain all Fee Minerals owned and there is an excellent surface use agreement that provides excellent surface protection from any future oil and gas activities as well as a schedule of payments for surface damages. There are some Mineral Classified Sections on the ranch.

*Stated acreage based on best knowledge. Actual property acreage to be determined by survey.