Terrell County, Texas


4,797+/- Acres

Long Canyon Ranch is located along the south side of FM 2400 which is a desirable location for hunting and recreation in Terrell County. The ranch gets its name as it has long secluded canyons that have excellent cover and the main canyon a road from the mouth all the way to and out the back-canyon wall. This ranch is 10 miles east of Highway 285 between Sanderson and Fort Stockton and is located in the Big Canyon drainages, surrounded by high limestone hills with excellent grass and brush cover.

4,797 +/- Acres in Terrell County

Long Canyon has easy access from 2400 and has seven major canyons including part of Big Canyon along the highway. The high hill tops provide exceptional views and excellent range condition and years of proper land management makes this ranch ready for the next owner. There is a high elevated windmill that has been converted to a solar well with breathtaking views all around. There is also a great solar well located at the mouth of Long Canyon with a large storage tank with water troughs that would be an area for a new headquarters.

The ranch is a series of juniper, mesquite and persimmon-covered hills and wooded canyon valleys. Excellent access, good internal roads, extreme privacy, and remarkable range condition makes this one of the best hunting, grazing, and recreation ranches on the market in the area.

The ranch is situated at the convergence of three biologically-distinct eco-regions in Texas; the Texas Hill Country to the east, the Chihuahuan Desert to the west, and the subtropical Tamaulipan Brushland to the south, creating one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the state. This is not flat plateau country with dissected canyons, but rather an extensive landscape of rolling hills, valleys and long canyons creating very scenic and amazingly beautiful views.

With topography ranging from just below 2,700 to more than 3,030 feet, there are many potential building sites with distant views or vistas of sheer wall canyons.

Habitat and Wildlife
Tamaulipan Brushland, Hill Country and Chihuahuan Desert habitats are all part of the Long Canyon Ranch. From ocotillo and sotol, to mesquite draws and woodlands, to persimmon and juniper hills, the ranch represents a crossroads of diverse habitats. The property’s browse and grasslands are in excellent condition with excellent grass and browse cover resulting as the ranch has evolved from a historic sheep and goat ranch into today’s recreational uses of hunting, hiking, and enjoying the scenic beauty. Native grasses, forbs, browse, brush, cacti and trees not only provide excellent habitat for game species such as deer, turkey, quail, and dove, but also for non-game species such as Texas horned lizard, neotropical songbirds, fox, ringtail cat, and many other mammals.

Recent use and management has been focused improving and growing both mule deer, whitetail deer, and elk populations, all of which are tremendous. The population is about 50/50 for the two deer types and with the steep terrain along the canyons, one can also find Aoudad sheep.

The groundwater under Long Canyon Ranch is shallow, accessible, prolific, and high quality, being part of the Edwards-Trinity or Plateau Aquifer. There are three wells: two solar wells, and one windmill. Water troughs and storage throughout create a well-watered ranch. Drought insurance has provided significant ranch income over the past 10 years.
Approximately 2 sections are Mineral-Classified, owned by the Texas General Land Office, where the surface owner shares in 50% of all bonuses and royalties and negotiates terms of any mineral lease. All fee minerals owned by the seller will be reserved.

$525/acre or $2,518,425