Brewster County, Texas


– Under Contract

3,177+/- Acres


HLB Piñon Ranch is located north on Highway 90, east of Alpine, within the north slopes of the Del Norte Mountains and adjacent to the unique gated ranch community of Sierra La Rana with its maintained roads, underground electricity, and other amenities. The ranch has ownership of several hundred acres of land in several large platted lots within Sierra La Rana, designed for future home sites with utilities in place. Several thousand acres of adjacent ranchland offer mountains and grasslands for hunting and recreation.

Stunning in beauty, with unequaled vistas of the entire region, HLB Piñon Ranch is a treasure with both convenience and seclusion. It’s the perfect combination and located just minutes from Alpine, the gateway into the Big Bend Country, with its more than 1,000,000 acres of parks and public lands. The ranch is just an hour’s drive north of Lajitas and Terlingua and their outdoor adventures and amenities. Access to the ranch is achieved either through deeded easement from highway 90 or via two gated entrances of Sierra La Rana.


This is high Chihuahuan Desert grassland and mountain property studded with interesting outcrops of rocks and dense tree cover, creating a scenic wonderland. Some say the “Colorado of Texas”; those who have been there say “Texas Mountains”! The ranch has 2/3rds cover in thick healthy stands of piñon, juniper, and oaks with secret bowls and canyons and amazing mountains, rock outcrops, and rugged beauty. The other 1/3rd is grasslands with scattered brush, loaded with quail and deer and perfect for grazing or just star gazing at night.

The ranch has amazing vistas of the city of Alpine with views of the entire region, including the Davis and Glass Mountains. Elevations range from just over 5,400 feet near the top of Sierra La Rana, to 4,400 feet along the railroad, creating a landscape of rolling mountains with broad valleys and steep canyons. The ranch is extremely well-watered for wildlife and ranching, with eight water storage tanks, three wells, and more than two dozen water troughs. There are several large water storage lakes that hold water in wet years and an excellent road system provides access to even the highest elevations.


There is a great secret within HLB Piñon Ranch which you can’t discern from the adjoining highway; and that is the rich Piñon forests that dominate the North Slopes of the Del Norte Mountains on the ranch. Hidden canyons, entire hills, and mountain systems with broad valleys surrounded by forested slopes, make this ranch unique for the region. The rangeland out in front of the mountains is dominated by mile-high grasslands of Cane Bluestem, Blue Grama and Sideoats Grama with limestone outcrops studded with Juniper and Emory and Grey Oaks. Spring brings blooms to the desert forbs, cactus, and plants like Ocotillo, Yucca, Daggers, Verbena, and Desert Willows. Excellent grasses and Chihuahuan Desert plants provide habitat for the native animals and livestock, as well as the people who live there. This is historic ranching country and represents some of the best cow/calf range in West Texas.


Because of the diverse habitat with native grasses, brush, boulders, trees, and mountains, there is an abundance of game and non-game animals and wildlife on the ranch. This is big mule deer country with lots of Blue Quail and mourning dove, making this a hunter’s paradise. The current owner has worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife and has held a managed land deer permit on the ranch for the past five years and has also released hundreds of quail during the drought, resulting in today’s huge quail population. There are also smaller animal and bird species found here like javelina, fox, ringtail, mountain lion, hawks, hummingbirds, Montezuma quail, and a variety of neotropical songbirds. Native trees, brush, and grasses provide excellent habitat for these species and many native birds and other non-game animals.


There is an excellent water system with storage and troughs strategically located throughout the ranch. There are two new wells that have been cased; one with a pump ready to go for additional water for any future development or headquarters construction. There is a grazing lease with Sierra La Rana under which they maintain the water distribution system and allowing for the owner to enjoy an Agricultural Exemption over the entire property, including the large acreage lots in the subdivision.