Presidio County, Texas


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80+/- Acres


Alamito Waters Ranch is located 40 minutes south of Marfa, Texas on Casa Piedra Road. Casa Piedra Road or (FM169) is paved for 25 miles off of Highway 67, and then becomes a well-maintained caliche road that winds down the Alamito drainage through this property and into Big Bend Ranch State Park to Highway 470, the scenic river road between Presidio and Lajitas. This ranch is located just east of the 311,000 acre Big Bend Ranch State Park, a nationally-recognized wilderness park full of outdoor adventure. Alamito Waters Ranch is the dropping-off point for the newly opened 50,000 acre Cienega unit of the park, ideal for hiking, 4-wheeling, and horseback riding in some of the most scenic country in Texas along spring-fed year-round Cienega Creek.


Located in the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, Alamito Waters Ranch is dominated by one of the largest naturally-flowing artesian wells in the entire region, flowing 25,000 gallons per day into a beautiful crystal clear lake, then as outflow drainage through a mosaic of marshes and stream-beds to Alamito Creek. This ranch is comprised of mid-lower elevation grasslands and scrubland of basin range topography, between the Davis Mountains to the north, the Chinati Mountains to the West, and the Bofecillos Mountains and Rio Grande River to the south. The ranch adjoins Cottonwood-lined Alamito Creek to the north, which flows into Big Bend State park just a mile downstream.

Alamito Waters Ranch has excellent views of area mountains including Pulpito, an interesting rock spire outcrop to the west, as well as the entire Cienega mountains to the north. Casa Piedra Road divides the ranch with the artesian well, lake, and Alamito Creek being to the north of the road and a beautiful escarpment near the property edge to the south of the road.


The landscape is wide-open rolling desert grass and scrub surrounded by rugged mountain ranges which can be seen from most places on the property. Classic “Big Bend County” of the Old West, Alamito Waters Ranch has maintained much of the environment and appearance of times past. This vast area lies in a narrow elevation range between 3,600 and 3,400 feet allowing for a mix of vegetation from the mid to lower Chihuahuan Desert such as Spanish dagger, yucca, creosote, ocotillo, and cholla with a mix of chino grama, black grama, bear grass, and sideoats grama with scattered brush. Huge Cottonwood trees follow the creek where walking trails under the shade become a world apart from the adjoining desert. In springtime, this landscape is in bloom with a wide variety of cactus, yucca, and native plants including the Big Bend Bluebonnets. Tributaries to Alamito Creek have heavier brushlike mesquite, desert willow, white brush, and catclaw.


The lake, with its 24/7 artesian flow of water, is a magnet for game and non-game species. Ducks and shorebirds call this area home for half of the year and the migrating songbirds and monarch butterflies use the Cottonwood Gallery forest as a corridor for migration. This property is home to many species of birds, raptors, songbirds, and game birds such as Blue (Scaled) Quail, Morning Dove and White- Winged Dove, as well as larger mammals of the desert, such as Desert Mule Deer and javelina. The brush, forbs, and grasses provide excellent habitat for these game and non-game animals. This is Chihuahuan Desert hunting land at its best and a nature lover’s dream.